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Our extensive experience providing service, support, troubleshooting, repair, installation, and consulting for Mac and iOS devices is still one of the best services we offer! For more than eighteen years we’ve specialized in taking care of problems in a variety of user environments — home office, small business, jungle treehouse, small Mac department in a large Windows environment, etc. If it’s Mac problems you got, we can help.


  • Pre-purchase consulting
  • Hardware/Software Troubleshooting
  • Hardware replacements and upgrades
  • Software installations and upgrades
  • Macintosh and mixed environment networking
  • Software training
  • Wireless networking setup
  • And much more…


On-Site Service
As you might expect, we offer on-site service in your home or office provided that home or office is located in the Los Angeles metro area. Feel free to contact us for an on-site appointment.

Managed Services 
We offer free email tech support for the extremely patient. For those who would chose to endure the wait you can use our contact form over on the right to submit your questions. Keep in mind, we get about 1 billion requests a day (no exaggeration, really!), and we can’t possibly answer every question we receive via email as soon as we get it. To do so would force us to neglect not only our friends and families, but also our health and personal hygiene, and nobody wants that!


Albert Einstein

Matt Colwell Senior Pastor / Knox Presbyterian Church

Doctor Mac Consulting provide fabulous web service. They designed and run creative and compelling websites for my present church and a former nonprofit. They are a delight to work with, and produce superb results. Highly recommended.

Walter White

Zachary Abbott Sys Admin / Caltech

I know of no one else with better knowledge of Macs. And aside from his knowledge of the Mac, he has great people skills and also very good web design/graphic skills.

Dexter Morgan

Tom Zehnder Owner / VaporTrail Productions

Doctor Mac Consulting is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I continue to use them to keep up my own online presence.


Web Services | Portfolio Samples

You know, back in the mid 90s we started hearing talk about this new fangled thing called the “internet”. We laughed it off as another passing fad like the automobile or wearing clothes in public. Well, aren’t our faces red? Not only is this “internet” the hottest thing since lyposuction, but folks developing “web sites” for this so called “internet” are poppin’ up like jackrabbits. Unfortunately, the quality hasn’t matched the quantity. Despite the increased availability of easy-to-use web creation tools, the quality of the average web site is still sub-par. We’ve developed web sites for individuals and business alike. Not only do we recognize terms like CSS, CMS, and Javascript but we’ve partied with these guys and woken up next to them on the neighbors lawn. More importantly, we know how to put these boys to work for you and your next web site. Our watchword is simplicity. Simple design is the best design. But simple doesn’t mean plain. Our sites are still visually compelling while remaining extremely functional. For our clients, our sites are easy to manage once delivered.


Standardized Web Development
We can develop a web site to your exact specifications. This includes the creation of graphics, the design of page layout and navigation, CSS, multimedia creation, all matching currently accepted W3C standards to insure greater compatibility between web browsers and platforms.

Web Site Retrofits and Redesign
We can take someone else’s stinky development and turn it into a web site you’d be proud to show your high school guidance counselor. Not only that, but we can take a site, bring it up to “code” (so to speak) and make it easy for you to maintain.

Web Hosting Services
If you need hosting as well as design services, we have a special partnership with Pair Networks that allows us to offer high quality hosting at remarkably affordable rates.


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Knox Presbyterian Church

Knox Presbyterian Church

Apple-a-Day Tutoring

Apple-a-Day Tutoring

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